The Benefits of Installing a Coolant Filter in Your Engine

Coolant filters are an essential part of any engine, as they protect the engine from contaminants and distribute supplemental refrigerant additives (SCA) in the cooling system. MANN+HUMMEL coolant particulate filters are designed to safeguard both fuel cells and high-voltage battery systems from contamination. When the coolant gets “dirty” or the filter starts to trap contaminants, it's easy to spot. The filter can't prevent rust from accumulating, but it can stop further damage from occurring and stop particles from entering the radiator.

If you need to clean the filter, simply drain the coolant below the upper level of the hose, remove the filter, disassemble it and rinse out the mesh to remove any debris. Cooling systems are usually partial flow (bypass) filters, in which less than 10% of the refrigerant passes through the filter. The MANN+HUMMEL refrigerant particulate filter eliminates harmful particles from the main flow cooling circuit. An integrated coolant filter is essential to capture waste and prevent it from entering the radiator. With its extensive experience in liquid filtration and separation, MANN+HUMMEL has developed a refrigerant particulate filter for high-performance batteries.

Whether you have a classic V8 engine or an imported 4-cylinder engine, an integrated coolant filter can protect your radiator. Contaminants, such as rust and grime, may have been trapped in the block's water lines and may have been released after a few engine revolutions as hot coolant passed through them. Filters with a design optimized for pressure drop allow the coolant to enter the main flow clean and thus reliably protect the fuel cell cell and the components of the cooling circuit. In summary, coolant filters are an essential component of any engine's cooling system. They protect against contaminants and distribute SCA in order to keep your engine running smoothly.

If your filter needs to be cleaned, you can easily do so by draining the coolant below the upper level of the hose, removing the filter, disassembling it and rinsing out any debris. MANN+HUMMEL's refrigerant particulate filter is designed to capture harmful particles from entering your radiator, ensuring that your engine runs optimally. Installing a coolant filter is a great way to ensure that your engine is running at its best. Not only does it protect against contaminants, but it also helps distribute SCA throughout your cooling system. This helps keep your engine running smoothly and prevents further damage from occurring.

With MANN+HUMMEL's refrigerant particulate filter, you can rest assured that your radiator is protected from harmful particles.

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